Thursday, August 21, 2008

Model Horses Owned By My Customers With My Floral Props

I want to introduce you to another great group of miniaturists...the Model Horse Collector. Their love and enjoyment of their model horses is identical to the love and enjoyment you have for your dollhouses and miniatures.

These collectors take their horses to 'live' shows which are based on real-life equestrian shows/events, and some collectors show their horses with "set-ups", i.e., miniature jumps, dressage arenas, ground obstacles, etc. The below pics show my florals being used by some of my customers in their set-ups.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to:

"BeeGees", an Appaloosa, with his rider, Jennifer is owned by Kathy Dodson. He is showing in Western Pleasure. A pair of my flower boxes with assorted flowers and plants are placed in front of wood jump standards for his trail obstacle.

"Carringal Dulcet", a TBxConnemara Mare, with her rider Lydia are owned by Rosemary Simeon. She is showing in Hunter Class. A pair of my white urns with "mums" in various shades of yellow are displayed atop jump columns.

"Ziggy Stardust", a Gelding Paint, owned by Sherrylynne Shaver is shown in the winner's area with a pair of my yellow rose floral arrangements in pedestal urns.

"Serendipty's Sweetheart" with her rider, Judith, is owned by Kathy Dodson. He is showing in Dressage. In the background are a pair of my yellow and orange floral toppers set atop pedestals, and also one of my Traditional scale formal topiary-style hedges.

There are two very important "live" model horse shows which were held during July: NAN, and, Breyerfest. I shall be posting show pics after I receive them from my great customers.