Sunday, July 12, 2009

My First Award - Thank You!!

This award was presented to me on July 9, 2009, by fellow Miniaturist and Friend, Mike Rowe, who is one fantastic Turner. Thank you very much, Mike!

The rules are: I have to pick up a book that I have at hand, turn to page 161 and write the fifth sentence on that page here. Then pass the Award onto five other bloggers.

I recently finished reading a book so I hope that counts... "The Green Gardener's Guide" by Joe Lamp'l, a neat book with info on going even greener in your gardens and yard. Page 161, 5th sentence: "Salt is salt (at least from the standpoint of what it does to your soil and plants), and synthetic fertilizer has a lot of it." Just what you all wanted to know :)

I hereby present this award to the following wonderful folks who have become friends over the years:

Angela of Angela Michelle Dolls, a very sweet and talented Doll Artist

Ray of Mini Builder, an up and coming fantastic miniature furniture artist

Pat of Miniatures by Pat Carlson who has a big heart and creates and publishes fantastic miniature books

Candy of Fairy Garden (aka Gypsy Trading Company), whose quick wit is enjoyable and finds its way into all of her "dead" Fae

And, a "right back attcha!" to Mike Rowe, a great guy who is a superb miniature Turner and Carver