Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well, I thought I'd be able to get back to making minis by October 1st but that is going to have to be delayed for another couple weeks. At least I am hopeing it will only be a couple more weeks but actually it may be another full month or more. *Sigh*

Major back surgery means no bending, lifting, twisting for quite a while (it's difficult getting in and out of bed and also a car), and I didn't realize those ramifications came along with the recouperation period. My problem is that 98% of my supplies are in file-type boxes, some of which are heavy, and all of which are stacked 6 high one atop the other from the ground up.

I need a robot to fetch my supplies :) Anyone have one I can borrow for a while?

I'll probably be re-activating my shops on the different sales venues sometime this week or next. I do have a few minis I managed to finish right before the surgery, so there will be some new items for sale definitely in my Etsy shop.

But...I can sit and work on computer stuff so maybe this blog of mine and perhaps my website will see a little more activity than normal :)

Big "Thanks!" to everyone who has wished me a quick healing period.


julie campbell said...

So good to hear you are "on the mend" Cath, it must be very difficult though not bending.Hopefully you can get some help to arrange some of your supplies at table level where you can reach them and ease back into your miniatures again.
Wishing you a speedy recovery and thank you for featuring me on the blog :0)
julie xxx


You're welcome, Julie! And, Thank you for the speedy recovery wishes.

dales_dreams said...

Yes, one does need to recouperate after major surgery, don't they? ;)

Take it easy there. :)