Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Elaine Diehl's OOAK Dollhouse Castle

Elaine Diehl's OOAK Dollhouse Castle

 Several years ago when I lived in Arizona, I had many enjoyable opportunities to see this gorgeous Castle in person and had the pleasure of meeting it's designer-builder. Needless to say, this castle is awesome!

The Dollhouse Castle was designed and created by Colorado miniaturist Elaine Diehl, who was inspired by the character of Lady Elaine and her fantasy castle in Tennyson’s Lady of the Lake.

The level of detail ranks this Castle as one of the finest miniature structures in the world today. Over 100,000 pieces are contained within its walls, that were built, commissioned, or purchased to the highest standards. It is occupied by beautiful dolls, including Ladys in Waiting; Knights; and even a Wizard in its tower. It is 100% handcrafted in a 1” to 1’ scale and stands a grand 9 feet high (not including the base), is over 5 feet wide, and weighs approximately 800 pounds.

Ms. Diehl tapped some of the best known miniaturists and artisans in the world to create furniture, sculptings, art work, lighting, and much more to include in her Castle. The Castle and its interiors, ceilings, and floors was constructed over a 13-year period and over 6,000 thousand hours of work; not counting the time it took to create or commission the various pieces within its walls.. From 1978 to 1981 the various pieces were put together to form the final creation. It took more than a year alone just to carve the outside faux-finish stone which is comprised of approximately 200 central blocks that inter-lock into each other with precision pegs that lock into each other. The Castle was on display for many years in her store/museum (MiniElaine's in Sedona, AZ) until Ms. Diehl sold her enterprise in 1996 and went into retirement.


The current owners, Dr. Michael Freeman and his wife Lois, acquired the Castle from Elaine Diehl over a decade ago when Ms. Diehl retired. The Dollhouse Castle is on loan to the Nassau County Museum of Art on Long Island, New York. It is on public display at the Tee Ridder Miniature Museum located Roslyn, NY.

Friday, January 2, 2009

"Thank You!!"
to all of my customers
who purchased my florals in 2008.

May 2009 be a peaceful, healthy,
and prosperous year
for each of you and your families.