Monday, February 23, 2009

Prestigeous NAN 2008 Model Horse Show

Susan Hargrove, one of my model horse collector customers, had several of her horses quality for NAN 2008. The North American Nationals (NAN) is a national championship show held annually and hosted by NAMHSA (North American Model Horse Show Association). This is the world's largest model horse show, regularly attracting entrants from around the globe.

At NAN 2008, Susan's horses won 10 Grand National Champion (GNC) awards and 6 Reserve National Champion (RNC) awards. WTG, Susan!!

These are a few of her favorite "Kids" (as she fondly calls her horses) shown with their winning plaques and ribbons:

DiamondDesign, a Thoroughbred OF
GNC Western Arena Trail
(gate obstacle set-up shown with
my wagon wheel florals)

GNC in Western Arena Trail
(ground pole obstacle set-up
shown with my potted florals

Scootee2, QuarterHorse
GNC in Western Arena Trail
(water obstacle set-up shown with
my wagon wheel florals)

Suits Her Fancy, Paint
RNC in CM Halter Showmanship
(set-up shown with wall backdrop
and my florals)

Monday, February 16, 2009

 "Guardian of Broken Hearts"
An OOAK Art Doll Sculpt
by Sue Barton of Barton Originals

Although not a miniature doll, I fell in love with Sue's doll, "Guardian of Broken Hearts", and had to share it with readers of my blog. 

Sue wrote, "My thinking behind this is that often when one's heart is broken, we try to hide it.  It is like a guardian takes it and protects it for us...however at times we can't help but let the World see - thus, the open skirt.  She is sculpted from polymer clay and affixed to a modified vintage birdcage.  The hearts in her basket are also polymer clay.  She is dressed in vintage silk and antique lace trim.  Her hair is Tibetan mohair.  She stands approximately 12" tall."

To see more of her beautiful Art Dolls, visit her website:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just For Pat

This 'Thank you' is for Pat, who I also met through CDHM shortly after joining the eBay group.

Thank you so very much, Pat, for sharing with me your wit, your kindness, your generosity, your shoulder, your ear, your tolerance, your willingness to understand both sides of a situation, your trust. For the things you taught me. For urging me onto better things in my life. For being there/here both during good times and not so good times. For allowing me to 'speak my mind'. For our interesting debates. For our long-winded phone calls. For you allowing me to be me. And, most of all, for your friendship.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A "Thank You" to:
Marlene and John

For three years I was given the opportunity to be a Moderator in a special forum overflowing with members of some of the World's finest Artisans of Dollhouse Miniatures...CDHM. Yesterday, I resigned from that position. I'm still a member tho! :)

Today, I want to publicly thank the Founders of CDHM (Custom Dolls, Houses & Miniatures), Marlene and John for everything they have done for me.

Marlene found me selling my minis on eBay many years ago and invited me to join an eBay dollhouse miniature group. I was thrilled! At that time I was a 24/7 caretaker for my Father and was not able to do much away from the house because of his poor health. Marlene had given me the opportunity to save my sanity and 'get away from it all' via her group. Not having any forum/chat experience back then I was a little intimidated at first but soon got used to the ins and outs of posting and very much enjoyed the commaradarie and friendships which developed over time.

A couple years later Marlene designed and 'opened' which today is one of the World's finest International sites for dollhouse miniature artisans and collectors. began as only a private forum. Since then it has grown by leaps and bounds from just a forum into a thriving marketing venture. The forum is still there - a huge forum - as well as now having a Gallery with artists' portfolios featuring the individual member's art.

Having been given the opportunity to be a forum Moderator gave me insight into what made tick...mostly Marlene with a lot of help from John,'s computer guru. I also learned a lot from both of them about marketing, selling, business tactics, self-confidence, how to mix fun with business, computers, and friendship.

So...a HUGE "Thank you!" to Marlene and John for everything. Both of you are a rare gem!

Pay CDHM a visit and join if you are a miniaturist and/or collector of dollhouse miniatures. CDHM ROCKS!!