Friday, March 13, 2009

The Fairy Tale Case Of The
Dead Fairy Who Loved Flowers Too Much

Dear Diary,

(Fairy by Fairy Garden)

*Sniff* Tonight upon my return home from doing my usual job of being the night shift PalPay Fairy, I discovered to my dismay*Sniff* that my locked cabnet had been broken into.

(White Fairy Cabinet by Enchanticals)

My white cabinet with all my special potions, and someone stole my potion jar with Dead Fairy Dust in it. As you know, Dear Diary, Dead Fairy Dust is very poisonous to live faeries. *Sniff*

('Stolen Potion Jar' by Mike Rowe)

My phone was ringing too when I got home. I received some very sad news from Scotland Yard. *Sniff* My sister, who is also a PayPal Fairy (PPF as many humans call us) was found laying on her back in a pile of leaves in Nottingham Forest by a poacher. *Sniff* Just her skeleton and her tutu and her wings. *Sniff* They said she was holding a pink flower. *Sniff* My sister loved flowers. *Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

"Dry your tears, and call your friend, Hercule,"
said the Diary as it rolled its eyes.

('Diary' by Blue Kitty Miniatures)

*Sniff* So as you know, Dear Diary, I tried to dry my tears and called my friend Hercule, who I met in Hyde Park. He assured me he would use his 'little grey cells' to deduce what had happened to my sister.

(Hercule Poirot by Sandy Copeland)

Well, Hercule went to the taped off area where he found my sister still laying on a bed of leaves. Without disturbing anything at the scene of my sister's death, Hercule deduced that my sister had been *Sniff* murdered *Sniff* * Sniff* from inhaling the stolen Dead Fairy Dust. I asked how he had come to that deduction and he said he could see some tiny glittery specks still on the flower my sister was holding. *Sniff* My sister loved flowers. *Waaaaaaaaaa*

(Dead Fairy by Fairy Garden)

(The Diary said nothing; just kept rolling its eyes.)

As you know, Dear Diary, I poured my heart out to Hercule and told him everything I could about my sister. He has such a way with we female faeries. *Sigh* When I mentioned this one particular human who enjoyed hoarding PPF's, his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree! Anyway, he went to visit this human who he said was just about to leave for a costume ball, but he assured her he was only wanting to talk with her about a friend of his and he wouldn't take up much of her time.

('Ugly Stepsister' by Solet Luna)

Hercule said he quickly gained her confidence, and before long she confessed to the crime and never made it to the costume ball. She suddenly poured out the whole story to him confessing my sister had some how escaped out of her cage.

(Captured Fairy by Fairy Garden)

My sister's escape so enraged her that she came to our home anticipating my being here to capture me, but as you know, Dear Diary, my hours were changed a few days ago to the night shift.

(Shroom House by WonderWorks)

As you also know, Dear Diary, we have never had any need to lock our door, so this human told Hercule she walked into the house and not finding me here broke into my white cabinet and stole the potion jar with the Dead Fairy Dust. *Sniff*

She had taken my sister's crystal ball from her and hid it. She knew it was the way PPF's communicate with each other so upon her return home, she got the crystal ball and was able to see where my sister was hiding. *Sniff

(Crystal Ball by Enchanticals)

She also knew my sister loved flowers *waaaaaaaaaa* so she set about cutting the most fragrant of the flowers from her garden and sprinkled Dead Fairy Dust on the inside of every one of them. Then she went to Notingham Forest where my sister was hiding and laid down one flower.

(Flower by Mostly Art)

She patiently waited to see if the flower's fragrance would entice my sister to come and pick it up. It did. *Sniff*

Oh, Dear Diary, why oh why did my sister have to love flowers so much? *Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

("Fairy Tale" by Golden Unicorn Miniatures)