Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Language of Trees

I love trees, and when I saw the following blog post and read the accompanying lovely poem by my friend, Esmaa, I wanted to share it with you:

The Language of Trees
by Esmaa Self

Deep in the forest

michigan 07 1689

Snow Flocked Trees in the Woods

and high on the hill,

More big trees covered in snow.

Expectation of the Dawn ~ Waikamoi Rainforest Maui Hawai'i

trees have voice.

Arbutus in the fog

If you would hear their speech,

if you would learn their words,

img_1611 snow covered tree branches

Snow-covered tree in Death Valley.

you will venture far from mankind.

Will you stay with me?

You will learn to pick out the childlike pop, the joy...

Beech leaves in November

water shed park

the wail, the crackling moans of standing timber.

Same place on a cold March day

Eventually you will learn to walk in silence.

 small passway


If you would know the language of trees,
you will walk very far in silence.

Muir Woods (21)

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Thank you, Esmaa, for letting me share your wonderful poem

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miniaturista said...

Maravillosas miniaturas y unas fotos perfectas, me encnatan he disfrutado mucho mirando la naturaleza.
Un abrazo