Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Model Horses and Their Scales

What is a model horse?

Model horses or toy horses are scale replicas of real horses and are highly collectible. Most model horses are in the 1:9 scale (such as Breyer Traditionals and Stone Horses) while others are no bigger than mice, such as Breyer Stablemates and Stone Chips.

What are the model horse scales?

*Traditional Series: Approximately 12"L x 9"H - Scaled to 1/9th scale
*Classics Series: Approximately 9"L x 6"H - Scaled to 1/12th scale
*Paddock Pals: Approximately 6"L x 5"H - Scaled to 1/24th scale
*Stablemates Series: Approximately 4"L x 3"H - Scaled to 1/32nd scale
*Mini Whinnies: Approximately 1.5"L x 1.5"H - Scaled to 1/64th scale

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