Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Fantasy Art of Aleah Klay

Many years ago, I met Aleah through the CDHM forum. Not only is she a friend, she has a great sense of humor...

she is also a very talented miniaturist.

Aleah hand-sculpts her fantastic animals and Art Dolls from Polymer clay. She then applies faux fur and/or paint over her clay creation. Next comes costuming and accessories. Some of her animals have wings; some are riding in toy vehicles; some are dragging a wee teddy bear behind them; all are posed which adds to each animal's character.


In her words, "I guess I have a wild imagination. A love of childhood things, story book illustrations, and fantasy are at the heart of my works. Each miniature takes on its own personality and has a unique story to tell. Each one is innocent. The stories are unwritten, leaving interpretation in the minds of the viewer. My hope is to bring a small bit of joy and happiness to those who view them."

Some of Aleah's Art Dolls border on the dark side.

My all-time favorite (and, will always be) of her dolls is "The Last Painting". It speaks volumes.

To view more of Aleah's art, go to her blog: and her CDHM studio:

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Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Awesome! I love her art dolls.