Friday, June 1, 2012

3-D Equines With Soul, Personality, And Fire

C.S.Richmond Studios was established in 2003 by Sandra Hottinger.  She specializes in hand painted 3-D model horses with emphasis on producing the highest quality workmanship and detail possible.

Sandra has loved horses, painting, and drawing as far back as she can remember. When she was nine years old, she began her journey painting with oil colors but began her collection of Breyer horses at a younger age.  Her first model horse repaint was in the mid 1980's , yet it wasn't until 2003 when she decided to repaint and customize Breyers full-time.  A few years later, she began painting the artist sculpted resins which she says, " are so inspiring...full of fire and soul even unpainted. "  From time to time, Sandra will repaint and or customize a Breyer or a Peter Stone horse but,  for the majority of her creations, she prefers the resins.

Sandra's horses are hand painted in the mediums of the "old masters" colorful oils.  For fine details, such as hair,  she uses acrylics. Most of her creations are 100% hand painted with oils only, and some are with oils and acrylics.

The layers of paints she applies can number from at least 4 to 7 in the creation of each project with that number depending on the look Sandra is trying to achieve as well as the color and or pattern she is painting.  For reference, so she can achieve as much realism as is possible, Sandra uses photos of live horses, sometimes using two different photos of the same horse breed.  Realism...just take a look at the eyes which are so expressive:

"It is so wonderful for me to be able to combine my love of horses with my love of painting. I am very thankful each day for my gift of creating color on these sculptures. There is a quote I read years ago that I can identify with :  'you never have to work a day in your life if you have a job you love' true!"
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Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Beautiful work! I am a horse lover who sees beauty in all horses, she gives them great personality!