Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Magic And Soul Of Creager Studios

 Jodi and Richard Creager have been full time Professional Doll Makers (all are OOAKs) for 32 years.  Their work is a collaboration of artistic visions..two separate and different visions with one common thread, and a design is born.

Their appreciation and study of the customs and traditions of various Worldwide ethnic groups has given them a rich palette of characters from which to create their Art Dolls.  As each doll develops, they become emotionally involved in the life and story they have created for each piece. 

Their work begins with an idea, then designs and layout are sketched.  Jodi begins work on sculpting and painting the head while Richard works on the body armature and sculpts the legs.  Next comes the torso and hands.  When the doll is finished, it is posed in an animated position.  Next comes costuming, leather shoes, hair, and accessories.  their completed character is truly a collaborative effort.

Throughout those many years of sculpting, Jodi and Richard's Art Dolls have won many awards and high honors both Nationally and Internationally . 

In the Creager's words, "To be able to create a human form, an image, a be able to express what you have inside, and to put into form your mind's and heart's vision, and to stir emotion in the viewer...all from a piece of clay...this is our True Joy!"

To see all of Jodi and Richard's dolls, go to their website:
Their dolls as well as other hand sculpted items are for sale in their Etsy shop:

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