Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mini Dreams by Dale's Dreams

Dale's Dreams specializes in 1:12 scale soft furnishings and accessories for your dollhouse. Dale brings what she knows, loves, and enjoys into each of her handmade items.

Miniatures and sewing have always been a love of Dale's. From a very young age, she remembers playing with her mother's old renewal furniture at her grandmother's house, and that love continued through her adulthood when she began making and selling her minis on CDHM and Etsy.

Her interest in dollhouse furnishings extends to all home decor. Her "life size" collection of perfume bottle displays was the inspiration for the mini size ones she has made, and she has been working on foot stools and ottomans and upholstered furniture (along with her famous one inch square and smaller throw pillows as accents).

Dale's Etsy store is a "one stop shop for all of your dollhouse decorating needs from the floor to ceiling, with a designer edge, and champagne taste."

To see my friend, Dale's creations, check out her Etsy shop 
or go to her blog

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