Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bringing The Good Old Days To Life In Miniature

 Bill Duncan of BD Wagons is probably one of the best-known model horse vehicle makers in the World. His miniature scale carriages, carts, sleighs and other horse-drawn vehicles are very detailed and realistic.


He is the kind of guy who can't sit still.  Bill's involvement with model horses came about thanks to an accident and the need for something to do while he recovered, so his older brother, who was a boot and saddle maker, kept him from going crazy by showing Bill how to carve a little saddle tree. Before he knew it, Bill had also made a model saddle. From then on, one thing led to another and he discovered the world of model horses.

He went to Breyerfest to get an idea of the types of saddles and harness people were showing, and it was there he first saw the Harness Class. After Bill got back home, he started building.


From his own designs and plans, Bill began to create wagons, saddles, and tack for model horses.  He has expanded his hobby and now makes model horse size vehicles of all types, in a wide range of styles, which include western style to royalty designs, and everything in between. 

Bill mainly works in 1/10th to 1/9th scale which is Breyer Traditional but he also builds in 1/12th (Breyer Classic) and 1/16th (Peter Stone Pebbles) scales.  All of his vehicles are made by hand using hard woods. All axles, hinges, springs, etc. are also made by hand from metal. The only purchased items on any of Bill's vehicles are the nails, bolts, nuts, and those he custom orders.


"Not only do you need to know the history, design, and woodworking; you have to think small! Nothing is big in this business!"

For your model horses (as well as for model train collectors), you will find some of the finest BD Wagons' hand-crafted replicas of items from the Old West and Victoria Era.  They include: buckboards, ice wagons, goat carts, surreys, doctors' buggies, sulkies, stagecoaches, farm wagons, ox carts, carriages, cabs, and many others as well as saddles and tack.

Visit Bill's website for more photos and info on purchasing his amazing work:

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CWPoppets said...

I love horse drawn carriages. Thanks for the link. I wish I could afford one of his creations. They are exceptional.