Wednesday, July 25, 2012

LoopyBoopy's Goth Art Dolls

I first met Colleen Downs,  aka LoopyBoopy,  several years ago at Etsy when she joined me and others in our campaign for a dolls and miniatures category on that site.  The first time I saw one of Colleen's dolls, will admit I wasn't sure what to think about it but the longer I looked at the pic, the more I began to like the doll.  There was something about the eyes and facial expression...

Colleen is a self-taught artist who creates one of a kind (OOAK) Art Dolls never to be reproduced.  Clay and sculpting have always been what feels most natural to Colleen as a means of expressing herself through art.

All of Colleen's dolls are entirely sculpted by hand from polymer clay.  She doesn't care for the resin finish of polymer so she does everything possible to cover it up...first gessoed, then covered in layers of acrylic paint, pastels, and artists pencils.  Clothing is made from vintage fabrics scraps, laces and notions.  Colleen said she spends a lot of time scouring estate sales, garage sales and the internet for the perfect antique and vintage textiles for her dolls. She creates the patterns and hand stitches every seam, hundreds of tiny stitches on each piece.  the dolls' hair is made from yarns and lambs wool. Most of her dolls are completely pose-able, some semi pose-able.

"Dollmaking has been a therapeutic experience and process for me, helping to relive, review and ponder emotions and feelings that were buried deep years ago and are now able to surface through my work. Each doll has its own personae and each one is dear to my heart and reveals a little piece of myself.  Dolls are meant to be inter-active, and though Art Dolls can be delicate and should be handled with care, I do like that mine can be moved and set into positions that enhances the emotion I'm trying to relay."

After all these years of knowing her real name, I still fondly call Colleen,  "Loopy".  Take a stroll through her Etsy shop:

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LoopyBoopy said...

Wow what a wonderful post to find this morning. Thank you so much Kathy, you are too kind! Such a nice article. We did have some fun in the old days huh? thank you so much!!