Sunday, July 1, 2012

Miniature Handmade Pottery By Mostly Art

Like many artists, Joyce Barmore had explored many different types of works before settling on the miniature art pottery that has become her trademark and earned her a great following in the miniature world, and has won her both acclaim and praise from collectors.

Joyce creates every piece of miniature pottery using her hands, fingers, and an Xacto blade.  Her "perfect tool for many things" which lasted for about a year was a toothpick which she carved and sanded.  She said she practically cried when it broke.  If the style of her miniature pottery looks familiar, it is because almost every piece she creates is in many ways a tiny replica of the life-size Arts and Crafts, Mission, Art Nouveau, and Majolica pottery styles.

Her 'studio' is her living room where, she says, the television provides background noise; in her kitchen she has a small tabletop kiln for firing her mini pieces.  In addition to her miniature pottery, there are handmade mini flowers, polymer art dolls and fairies, beadwork, ornaments, doll clothes, and treasure/memory boxes that also spring from her living room work bench.

Joyce's favorite medium to use when hand sculpting her pottery is earthenware ceramic with a bit of porcelain thrown in.  She really enjoys glazing..."It's almost a Zen-like meditation.  Glazing is probably the hardest thing to do with 'painting' so small, brushing on so many coats, but it is also my favorite part when making miniature pottery."  Not only are there many coats of glaze involved per piece but there are generally many different colors of glaze used.

 Like her theory of knowing when to stop to create the perfect piece of art, and as Zen as the art of glazing is for her, Joyce knows the secret of being an artist is to fearlessly go forward.

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