Sunday, August 12, 2012

Noah's Ark In Miniature

Linda Master's Noah's Ark

I have admired Linda Master's hand-carved miniatures for many years . It was through CDHM, a group of International Miniaturist Artisans, where I was given the opportunity to see her hand-carved animals for the Ark come to 'life' via a time lapse, i.e., before, during, and after pics - then saw the finished scene. 

Bringing a Flamingo to "life"

Ancient historical records belonging to many different Peoples contain references to The Flood and a large vessel being built. Throughout time we humans have depicted The Flood via art and the written word, with the Biblical story of Noah's Ark being the most referenced and well-know written version.

"It all began with a miniature elephant I carved, and a friend suggested Noah's Ark in miniature." That was two and one half years ago, and Linda Master "jumped at the chance," and began her version of Noah's Ark. She hand carved the Ark and all the animals from Jelutong wood, hand painted everything, and created the entire diorama.

What is so unique about Linda's interpretation of Noah's Ark is it's size...micro-miniature also known as 1/144th scale. (For those of you unfamiliar with 1/144th scale...1/12th of an inch is the equivalent of one foot.) The Ark is only 4" long and 3.5" high. The Zebras only 1/2" high; chickens less than 1/8" high. In all, there are eleven pairs of animals. Those with paws have carved toes and tiny paw pads; those with claws have teeny carved claws.

The diorama 'before'

To view more pics of Linda's Noah's Ark as well as her other awesome miniature carvings, take a leisurely stroll through her web site or visit her blog:
Some of her miniature carvings are for sale through her CDHM Gallery:



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