Monday, September 10, 2012

Art Dolls by Barton's Originals

As a young girl, Sue Barton of Barton's Originals, would draw paper dolls and make cloth dolls from patterns. When her first daughter was born, it was around the time that Cabbage Patch dolls became popular and she designed a similarly styled fabric doll. That spurred her to design different cloth dolls, from a simple cookie-cutter pattern primitive, to more complex fabric figures. In the 1990s, she  started playing with polymer clay and fell in love with the freedom of expression that the clay afforded. Woodsy Father Christmas figures led to wizards, to shaman and goddess figures, and faeries.

She loves fantasy as it leaves everything to the imagination and gives one the freedom when creating to express this. Her inspiration often comes from antique bits of lace and/or fabric, old photos, antique display items, found objects in nature.

Sue's clay of choice is Prosculpt.
she has sculpted with air dry clays, but prefers the faster completion time that the polymer clay gives. She begins her doll with a tightly hammered foil egg for the head base then sculpts the head first, minus the ears. Next, she constructs a wire armature body, wraps it with white floral tape and usually pads it out a bit with more foil, and then wraps again with tape. The last step is sculpting the ears, the back of the head if necessary, and then attaching to the body by sculpting the neck.

When Sue first starts to sculpt, she said, "It is interesting that sometimes as I am working on creating a piece, it seems to develop a personality of its own and I end up with something that isn't even close to my initial 'idea'."

Oh, did I mention that Sue has a wickedly cool side?

To see more of Sue's great Art Dolls, visit:


Sprite said...

Really nice article. Sue's work is just wonderful!

Sue said...

Cathy, thank you so much - I so appreciate this! Now have to get my studio relocation completed so I can stock my Etsy shop! You've motivated me to get back to work!


Sue said...

Cathy, I really appreciate this...all those pics that you posted, and the write it!

You have motivated me to finish getting my studio space relocated and get back to work so I can fill up my Etsy shop!

Again, thank you!