Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hats! Hats!! Hats!!! All In Miniature

Meet Kat the Hat Lady!  She has been making hats for over 14 years both as a professional maker and milliner, and as a passionate hobby. 

She specializes in Gothic, Burlesque, and theatrical hats and headdresses (from 1:12th scale to full size) as well as period and fantasy including pirate and witch and wizard hats.

Kat's creations are handmade and blocked by hand.  She uses wooden hat blocks or makes them free form.

Kat says she is, "totally Mad as a Hatter and when I am not making hats I love researching books, libraries, museums, and the internet for hat and costume information."   She is currently working on her own patterns and hopes one day to create her own how-to-make hat book.


Visit Kat's blog:
And, go shopping in her Etsy store:


Kat Hazelton said...

Oooo what a lovely feature on my hats I am very honoured thank you so much.

Nora Steffens said...

Love your work. Absolutely beautiful!