Thursday, November 8, 2012

Minis On The Edge

Tracy Topps has been building Minis On The Edge Of Fantasy & Reality for over 15 years.  
She loves building dollhouses, and has built many of them in the past years .  She then sells them because, "My thrill comes from building something new and making them different."

She specializes in building custom dollhouse creations for her customers. Tell her the dollhouse kit design you want, and she will build you a creation direct from her imagination.  She prefers to work with Greenleaf & Corona Dollhouse Kits.

Tracy's favorite type dollhouses to build are cottages, castle themes, and Tudor style.  She likes to mix realism with fantasy.  
Her work has been featured in several magazines Worldwide and she is dedicated to giving you beautiful One Of A Kind (OOAK) and custom creations.

She will soon be coming out with a new line of her hand made resin pieces which you may want to add to your own scenes. They will be cast from her own original so they will be unique and not found elsewhere.

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MinisOnTheEdge said...

Thank you so much Cath! What a pleasant surprise to wake up and see in the morning :)