Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mini Dreams by Dale's Dreams

Dale's Dreams specializes in 1:12 scale soft furnishings and accessories for your dollhouse. Dale brings what she knows, loves, and enjoys into each of her handmade items.

Miniatures and sewing have always been a love of Dale's. From a very young age, she remembers playing with her mother's old renewal furniture at her grandmother's house, and that love continued through her adulthood when she began making and selling her minis on CDHM and Etsy.

Her interest in dollhouse furnishings extends to all home decor. Her "life size" collection of perfume bottle displays was the inspiration for the mini size ones she has made, and she has been working on foot stools and ottomans and upholstered furniture (along with her famous one inch square and smaller throw pillows as accents).

Dale's Etsy store is a "one stop shop for all of your dollhouse decorating needs from the floor to ceiling, with a designer edge, and champagne taste."

To see my friend, Dale's creations, check out her Etsy shop 
or go to her blog

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Magic And Soul Of Creager Studios

 Jodi and Richard Creager have been full time Professional Doll Makers (all are OOAKs) for 32 years.  Their work is a collaboration of artistic visions..two separate and different visions with one common thread, and a design is born.

Their appreciation and study of the customs and traditions of various Worldwide ethnic groups has given them a rich palette of characters from which to create their Art Dolls.  As each doll develops, they become emotionally involved in the life and story they have created for each piece. 

Their work begins with an idea, then designs and layout are sketched.  Jodi begins work on sculpting and painting the head while Richard works on the body armature and sculpts the legs.  Next comes the torso and hands.  When the doll is finished, it is posed in an animated position.  Next comes costuming, leather shoes, hair, and accessories.  their completed character is truly a collaborative effort.

Throughout those many years of sculpting, Jodi and Richard's Art Dolls have won many awards and high honors both Nationally and Internationally . 

In the Creager's words, "To be able to create a human form, an image, a be able to express what you have inside, and to put into form your mind's and heart's vision, and to stir emotion in the viewer...all from a piece of clay...this is our True Joy!"

To see all of Jodi and Richard's dolls, go to their website:
Their dolls as well as other hand sculpted items are for sale in their Etsy shop:

Friday, June 8, 2012

The World Of Trollflings


What is a Trollfling, you ask?  It's a wee, miniature being who is part troll and part elfling that comes to life via the vivid imagination and hands of Amber Matthies.

Amber 's continuing adventure with these whimsical characters first began in 2004 when her husband and son bought some clay to make toys with but they lost interest and were going to toss the clay out. Amber picked it up and started playing around with it. She made her first Troll who she named Zach (after her little brother....her first troll but not her first Trollfling). Then she tried to make a walking cat but it morphed into some sort of creature....a troll type mouse with long ears and feet and a she called it a Trollfling (hence, part troll, part elfling=Trollfling).

Her first Trollfling's name was Tweek, and she put it on Ebay to sell it and was pleasantly surprised when it sold.  At that time, Amber was eight months pregnant and doing in-home nursing care, so it was nice to be able to stay home with her children plus help support her family with her little dolls. 
She was hooked on making her tiny Art Dolls which she hoped everyone would love.  It just took off from there.

Thousands of Trollflings later...

Amber primarily uses super sculpey but blends it with a secret mix of different clays.  The bigger Trollflings take her anywhere from 4-8 hours. The smaller ones take around 2 hours depending on the hair, accessories etc.   She only uses synthetic hair, faux and viscose.  She makes all the wings.  They come as small as three-quarters inch high to the largest at seven inches.

I love Amber, and I love, love, love her cats!  Here's a sampling of those cuties...

Too see more of my friend Amber's whimsical Trollflings go to her website: or her blog:
or, take a stroll through her shops and adopt your very own Trollfling: and

Friday, June 1, 2012

3-D Equines With Soul, Personality, And Fire

C.S.Richmond Studios was established in 2003 by Sandra Hottinger.  She specializes in hand painted 3-D model horses with emphasis on producing the highest quality workmanship and detail possible.

Sandra has loved horses, painting, and drawing as far back as she can remember. When she was nine years old, she began her journey painting with oil colors but began her collection of Breyer horses at a younger age.  Her first model horse repaint was in the mid 1980's , yet it wasn't until 2003 when she decided to repaint and customize Breyers full-time.  A few years later, she began painting the artist sculpted resins which she says, " are so inspiring...full of fire and soul even unpainted. "  From time to time, Sandra will repaint and or customize a Breyer or a Peter Stone horse but,  for the majority of her creations, she prefers the resins.

Sandra's horses are hand painted in the mediums of the "old masters" colorful oils.  For fine details, such as hair,  she uses acrylics. Most of her creations are 100% hand painted with oils only, and some are with oils and acrylics.

The layers of paints she applies can number from at least 4 to 7 in the creation of each project with that number depending on the look Sandra is trying to achieve as well as the color and or pattern she is painting.  For reference, so she can achieve as much realism as is possible, Sandra uses photos of live horses, sometimes using two different photos of the same horse breed.  Realism...just take a look at the eyes which are so expressive:

"It is so wonderful for me to be able to combine my love of horses with my love of painting. I am very thankful each day for my gift of creating color on these sculptures. There is a quote I read years ago that I can identify with :  'you never have to work a day in your life if you have a job you love' true!"
and her website:
Her horses are for sale on the following sites:
Auction Barn: