Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Wishing Everyone a most happy 2014!
May it be an awesome, healthy, peaceful, 

and prosperous year for you!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Season's Greetings!!



If you are traveling, I wish you and yours a safe, enjoyable journey.
  If you are staying home, I wish you and yours joy and warmth. 
Wherever you may be...have a most wonderful and peaceful time!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Marlene Buffington's Cancer Treatment Fundraiser Auction #2

This coming Saturday, December 7th, and Sunday, December 8th, are auction #2 days!!! Come one, come all and bid, bid, bid!!!

Previews are being posted of some of the many, many fabulous miniature auction items that will be up for bid this weekend (Dec 7-8) to help with medical expenses for Marlene's cancer treatments.

Go take a look! Pick the item(s) you like, and be prepared to bid on them this Saturday and Sunday.  Just click this link:

Some of the contributing artists to this auction #2 are:

1. Isabelle Burt (Rapunzels Attic)
2. Richard (Huntley House Miniatures)
3. Debbie and Lauren Dixon-Paver
4. Angel Dull Sawyer
5. Karim (victorian67)
6. Rosie Emhoolah-Vargas (myminisweets)
7. Leia V. Miniatures
8. Susan Wener
9. Janine (Miss Amelia)
10. Courtney Strong
11. Daisy Regina Ferraz Capri
12. Joolz Kendall
13. Kim Marshall Saulter
14. Lori Turner-Dolinsek
15. Tara Lee Hauki
16. Bev Gelfand
17. Marcella Minicaretti
18. Stephanie Kilgast
10. Teresa Summers
20. Cristina Minischetti
21. Mariella Vitale (Muffa Miniatures)
22. Tracy Topps
23. Linda Cummings
24. Betsy Niederer
25. Loredana Tonetti
26. Amber Matthies
27. Bonni Backe
28. Era Anderson Pearce
29. Dee Acquisto
30. Ernesto Baldini (Punto Sur Miniaturas)
31. Joanne McLeay
32. Elaine Goodwin Usimaki
33. Cindy Adams
34. Kerri Conner Pajutee
35. Pat Carlson
36. Aaron Matthies
37. Orsolya Skulteti (carryover item from Auction #1)
38. Christine Wex (carryover item from Auction #1)
39. Melissa Boling
40. Deb Laraway Mackie
41. Terre Fernandez
42. Sandra Keller Palesch
43. Anna Magnusson

There will be a third auction in January, so if you can but haven't yet, please donate an item or two or three or... whether handmade or not (even supplies!). Every little mini will help

And, please bid.  Every bid will also help.

Thank you so very much!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Marlene Buffington's Cancer Treatment Fundraiser

A long time ago in the once fun land of Ebay, I was invited to join an Ebay miniature forum by someone I would have the opportunity to watch as she created and grew a most wonderful marketplace for selling miniatures, known as

Her name is Marlene Buffington (aka 'Tink'), a lady with a big heart who helped many miniaturists become the well-known (and/or published) artists they are today. A lady who helped promote so many of us and our minis. A lady who helped us by teaching us how to market and sell our miniatures.

A lady who I admire very much. A lady with whom I 'locked horns' on a few occasions :) . A lady whom I love for the person she is.

Well, that lady, Marlene Buffington, now needs our help. She was recently diagnosed with cancer and has no health insurance that will cover all her treatments and other medical expenses.

Her daughter, Erica, has formed a special group on Facebook, the Marlene Buffington's Cancer Treatment Fundraiser: . The Fundraiser is also an upcoming auction of miniature items donated by many artists. Whether or not you have been or are a member but make and/or collect miniatures, and have a Facebook Account, please consider joining the group. Just click the "Join" button and wait for one of the group's Admin to ok your request.

Donations, in whatever form (money, minis, prayers) for Marlene are very much appreciated.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fellow Miniaturist Needs Our Help And Prayers

A sister miniaturist needs help! Marlene Buffington, founder of, has been a leader in the promotion of miniaturists for over a decade. Hundreds of us have benefited from her tireless efforts and her unending generosity. Well, now she needs our help to win her battle with Cancer. Please give if you can. And keep her and her family in your prayers.
Please help if you can.  Just click on the link.  Marlene is a very special lady.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Follow This Blog

I must be really out of the loop regarding recent changes Blogger has made.  Don't see, nor can I find, the "Follow this blog" gadget which used to be on the right-hand side of this blog.  I refuse to 'spam' peoples' inbox with an email whenever I post something in here.  Why Blogger eliminated that is beyond me.  Either they did do that or my blog is totally messed up.

You can follow me in Facebook if you have an account there.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Writer's Block

Ok, so I'm one of the World's worst bloggers. I either forget I have a blog, or I have a real bad case of writer's block. Actually it's a combination of both.

My writing is either funky or technical. It's the in between style of writing which ends up taking forever to write and that's when I encounter writer's block at every turn. Like now and has been for a couple of months.

That said, I leave my readers in suspense wondering at the fate of my pen...errrrr... blog.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Unicorn's Musings

I'm a unicorn (from Latin unus 'one' and cornu 'horn'), and am called a 'mythological creature'. Though the modern popular image of me is sometimes that of a horse differing only in the horn on its forehead, my traditional body also has a billy-goat beard, a lion's tail, and cloven hooves. Marianna Mayer observed in The Unicorn and the Lake that, "The unicorn is the only fabulous beast that does not seem to have been conceived out of human fears. In even the earliest references he (I'm a 'she'!) is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, but always mysteriously beautiful. (S)He could be captured only by unfair means, and his (her) single horn was said to neutralize poison."

Contrary to popular belief, you won't find unicorns in Greek mythology, but rather in accounts of natural history, for Greek writers of natural history were convinced unicorns were real (of course we are!).  They found us in India, a distant and fabulous realm for we unicorns. The earliest description is from Ctesias who described us as wild asses (I prefer the horse description, thank you!), fleet of foot (definitely!), having a horn a cubit and a half in length (some are two cubits) and colored white, red and black. Aristotle mentions two one-horned animals, the oryx and the so-called "Indian ass". Strabo says that in the Caucasus there were one-horned horses with stag-like heads (much nicer description)

 Cosmas Indicopleustes, a merchant of Alexandria, who lived in the 6th century and made a voyage to India, states, from report, that "it is impossible to take this ferocious beast alive; and that all its strength lies in its horn. When it finds itself pursued and in danger of capture, it throws itself from a precipice, and turns so aptly in falling, that it receives all the shock upon the horn, and so escapes safe and sound." (very true!)

Medieval knowledge of we unicorns stemmed from biblical and ancient sources, and we were variously represented as a kind of wild ass, goat, or horse.

The predecessor of the medieval bestiary, compiled in Late Antiquity and known as Physiologus, popularized an elaborate allegory in which a unicorn, trapped by a maiden representing the Virgin Mary, stood for the Incarnation.  We unicorns also figured in courtly terms: for some 13th century French authors, the lover is attracted to his lady as the unicorn is to the virgin. We also acquired more orthodox secular meanings such as being emblematic of chaste love and faithful marriage.

Back in time, we unicorns, or rather our horns, were coveted by royals who feared poisoning and many times would only drink from goblets made of "unicorn horn".  Thus, sadly, hunting we unicorns became a popular 'sport'.  One traditional method of hunting unicorns involved entrapment by a virgin.  In one of his notebooks Leonardo da Vinci wrote: "The unicorn, through its intemperance and not knowing how to control itself, for the love it bears to fair maidens forgets its ferocity and wildness; and laying aside all fear it will go up to a seated damsel and go to sleep in her lap, and thus the hunters take it." (stupid males! - those were the times I was grateful to be a female).  Hunts for an actual animal as the basis of the unicorn myth, accepting the conception of writers in Antiquity that it really existed (of course we do!) somewhere at the edge of the known earth, have added a further layer of mythologizing about we unicorns.

Do we unicorns really exist?  If you believe, yes, we do!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dollhouses For Kids Battling Cancer

Ann started Dollhouses For Kids Battling Cancer in late 2006, and as of April 2013, she has just completed her 258th dollhouse! Her daughter was interning at a hospital in New Jersey on the pediatric cancer ward, and she suggested that the kids might like playing with a dollhouse while having their chemo.  Ann and her daughter  donated the first house and the kids loved it so Ann decided to keep going.  She built dollhouses and her daughter gave them to the doctors to give as gifts from them to the kids as they started or finished their chemo.

Since then, Ann has been donating 90% of the houses to kids with cancer and the rest to fund raisers benefiting children with serious health issues.  Many  other organizations have asked for help so Ann has built a few dollhouses that have special meaning, such as for Juvenile Diabetes (her daughter has been a type 1 diabetic for 10 years so it is a cause dear to her), and Autism (her granddaughter is severely autistic).   She may have donated outside of the kids with cancer but all her dollhouses are still for kids with serious health problems.

Ann gets some very generous help from many people and places.  Penelope, who owns The Magical Dollhouse Company,  has a page on her website for people to donate dollhouses at a discounted price.   Greenleaf Dollhouses pays for the shipping of those houses to Ann so the customer does not get charged for that.  HBS/ has recently set up to help Ann by allowing people to buy gift certificates on their website.  HBS holds them until Ann needs something, then she orders and it is paid by those gift certificates.   If there are no donations, Ann personally buys the houses, furniture etc.   Her  mom died in 2008 and she loved DFKBC,  so the little bit of money her mom was able to leave to Ann is mainly for the kids and their houses.

In Ann's words, "I love doing this and hope I never have to stop.  I just finished the 207th dollhouse and am starting on the next.  All the houses are donated to children through Pediatric Oncology Wards, Ronald McDonald House, Bereavement Centers, fund raisers and at Christmas to the "Suffern PBA/DARE Annual Holiday Toy Drive"

WOW! 258 dollhouses, all built by Ann and given by her to a good cause.

Please consider donating to Ann's project.  You can contact her via email at  or visit her Facebook page and leave her a message through there.  Or, via The Magical Dollhouse Company, Greenleaf Dollhouses, and HBS.  Do you have some unwanted/stored/handmade miniatures you can send to Ann?  Contact her first by email or via her Facebook page, and make sure those items are suitable for young children.  She can use, carpeting, flooring, wallpaper, paint, animals, dolls, plants, accessories, etc.

These are so cool!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Ray  Haake is an avid miniature collector and builder.  He specializes in handmade furniture in  1:12 and 1:6 scales, and also builds 1:24 scale barns and log cabins.

He is always trying to better himself in the craft, and strives to make miniature lovers happy with his wonderful creations.

All of Ray's items are made by hand, from scratch, one piece at a time using his own 'patterns'.  The only power tool he uses while building anything is a dremel with which to sand his miniatures.  With an xacto knife, he hand cuts every piece out of sheetwood or assorted scraps of different woods.

His inlay work is awesome!

Go to his Etsy shops to view more of his items and also

Monday, February 4, 2013

Julie Campbell Doll Artist

Meet Julie Campbell, a self-taught  doll  artist Her forte is hand sculpting beautiful OOAK (one of a kind) 1:12 scale miniature dolls which are inspired by history and fairytales, real life and legends.

Julie's sculpting medium is polymer clay.  Each character is hand sculpted and painted with great attention to detail, then clothed in appropriate costumes which are all designed and hand sewn by her.  Each art doll  is unique . Although she will sometimes repeat a particular character, no two dolls are ever the same .

Each character is sculpted from polymer clay in 12th scale and one of a kind.  The dolls clothes are hand sewn from my own designs. I always choose natural fabrics, silks and cottons which hang beautifully on miniature dolls. Period dolls are dressed in historically accurate costumes. The dolls wear hand sculpted shoes, many with leather uppers  and cotton shoelaces.

Every doll is totally unique and takes hours of work to complete.

Her creations will bring life and charm to your miniature world .


In Julie's words, "I am constantly learning and improving my skills and delighting in every step of the journey. When not making dolls, I love life, my family, my pets , chocolate , whiskey and books..... often all at the same time!"

Be sure to visit Julie's website and blog:


Julie was known as  Bellabelle Dolls until May 2012 when she changed to Julie Campbell Doll Artist.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Little Behind The Times

I am way way behind in blog posting about a new featured artist.

Hang in here with me, please, as I'm in the process of gathering info and pics. Hopefully sometime the first week of February, there will be a new post :)

Thank you for your patience!

Friday, January 11, 2013

In Memory of Colleen McNeal Finlayson Burson

On 1/10/2013, fellow Miniaturist and Doll Artist, Colleen McNeal Finlayson Burson, passed away due to complications from the flu. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Colleen did go to the hospital but lost the battle.

I shall miss her. RIP dear Colleen ♥

If you can, please help:

This is a fund to help the family of Colleen Burson with her funeral and hospital expenses, as she carried no insurance. Please help in her memory.  Thank you.