Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dollhouses For Kids Battling Cancer

Ann started Dollhouses For Kids Battling Cancer in late 2006, and as of April 2013, she has just completed her 258th dollhouse! Her daughter was interning at a hospital in New Jersey on the pediatric cancer ward, and she suggested that the kids might like playing with a dollhouse while having their chemo.  Ann and her daughter  donated the first house and the kids loved it so Ann decided to keep going.  She built dollhouses and her daughter gave them to the doctors to give as gifts from them to the kids as they started or finished their chemo.

Since then, Ann has been donating 90% of the houses to kids with cancer and the rest to fund raisers benefiting children with serious health issues.  Many  other organizations have asked for help so Ann has built a few dollhouses that have special meaning, such as for Juvenile Diabetes (her daughter has been a type 1 diabetic for 10 years so it is a cause dear to her), and Autism (her granddaughter is severely autistic).   She may have donated outside of the kids with cancer but all her dollhouses are still for kids with serious health problems.

Ann gets some very generous help from many people and places.  Penelope, who owns The Magical Dollhouse Company,  has a page on her website for people to donate dollhouses at a discounted price.   Greenleaf Dollhouses pays for the shipping of those houses to Ann so the customer does not get charged for that.  HBS/ has recently set up to help Ann by allowing people to buy gift certificates on their website.  HBS holds them until Ann needs something, then she orders and it is paid by those gift certificates.   If there are no donations, Ann personally buys the houses, furniture etc.   Her  mom died in 2008 and she loved DFKBC,  so the little bit of money her mom was able to leave to Ann is mainly for the kids and their houses.

In Ann's words, "I love doing this and hope I never have to stop.  I just finished the 207th dollhouse and am starting on the next.  All the houses are donated to children through Pediatric Oncology Wards, Ronald McDonald House, Bereavement Centers, fund raisers and at Christmas to the "Suffern PBA/DARE Annual Holiday Toy Drive"

WOW! 258 dollhouses, all built by Ann and given by her to a good cause.

Please consider donating to Ann's project.  You can contact her via email at  or visit her Facebook page and leave her a message through there.  Or, via The Magical Dollhouse Company, Greenleaf Dollhouses, and HBS.  Do you have some unwanted/stored/handmade miniatures you can send to Ann?  Contact her first by email or via her Facebook page, and make sure those items are suitable for young children.  She can use, carpeting, flooring, wallpaper, paint, animals, dolls, plants, accessories, etc.

These are so cool!

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