Saturday, February 23, 2013


Ray  Haake is an avid miniature collector and builder.  He specializes in handmade furniture in  1:12 and 1:6 scales, and also builds 1:24 scale barns and log cabins.

He is always trying to better himself in the craft, and strives to make miniature lovers happy with his wonderful creations.

All of Ray's items are made by hand, from scratch, one piece at a time using his own 'patterns'.  The only power tool he uses while building anything is a dremel with which to sand his miniatures.  With an xacto knife, he hand cuts every piece out of sheetwood or assorted scraps of different woods.

His inlay work is awesome!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Julie Campbell Doll Artist

Meet Julie Campbell, a self-taught  doll  artist Her forte is hand sculpting beautiful OOAK (one of a kind) 1:12 scale miniature dolls which are inspired by history and fairytales, real life and legends.

Julie's sculpting medium is polymer clay.  Each character is hand sculpted and painted with great attention to detail, then clothed in appropriate costumes which are all designed and hand sewn by her.  Each art doll  is unique . Although she will sometimes repeat a particular character, no two dolls are ever the same .

Each character is sculpted from polymer clay in 12th scale and one of a kind.  The dolls clothes are hand sewn from my own designs. I always choose natural fabrics, silks and cottons which hang beautifully on miniature dolls. Period dolls are dressed in historically accurate costumes. The dolls wear hand sculpted shoes, many with leather uppers  and cotton shoelaces.

Every doll is totally unique and takes hours of work to complete.

Her creations will bring life and charm to your miniature world .


In Julie's words, "I am constantly learning and improving my skills and delighting in every step of the journey. When not making dolls, I love life, my family, my pets , chocolate , whiskey and books..... often all at the same time!"

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Julie was known as  Bellabelle Dolls until May 2012 when she changed to Julie Campbell Doll Artist.