Thursday, November 7, 2013

Marlene Buffington's Cancer Treatment Fundraiser

A long time ago in the once fun land of Ebay, I was invited to join an Ebay miniature forum by someone I would have the opportunity to watch as she created and grew a most wonderful marketplace for selling miniatures, known as

Her name is Marlene Buffington (aka 'Tink'), a lady with a big heart who helped many miniaturists become the well-known (and/or published) artists they are today. A lady who helped promote so many of us and our minis. A lady who helped us by teaching us how to market and sell our miniatures.

A lady who I admire very much. A lady with whom I 'locked horns' on a few occasions :) . A lady whom I love for the person she is.

Well, that lady, Marlene Buffington, now needs our help. She was recently diagnosed with cancer and has no health insurance that will cover all her treatments and other medical expenses.

Her daughter, Erica, has formed a special group on Facebook, the Marlene Buffington's Cancer Treatment Fundraiser: . The Fundraiser is also an upcoming auction of miniature items donated by many artists. Whether or not you have been or are a member but make and/or collect miniatures, and have a Facebook Account, please consider joining the group. Just click the "Join" button and wait for one of the group's Admin to ok your request.

Donations, in whatever form (money, minis, prayers) for Marlene are very much appreciated.