Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Wishing Everyone a most happy 2014!
May it be an awesome, healthy, peaceful, 

and prosperous year for you!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Season's Greetings!!



If you are traveling, I wish you and yours a safe, enjoyable journey.
  If you are staying home, I wish you and yours joy and warmth. 
Wherever you may be...have a most wonderful and peaceful time!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Marlene Buffington's Cancer Treatment Fundraiser Auction #2

This coming Saturday, December 7th, and Sunday, December 8th, are auction #2 days!!! Come one, come all and bid, bid, bid!!!

Previews are being posted of some of the many, many fabulous miniature auction items that will be up for bid this weekend (Dec 7-8) to help with medical expenses for Marlene's cancer treatments.

Go take a look! Pick the item(s) you like, and be prepared to bid on them this Saturday and Sunday.  Just click this link:

Some of the contributing artists to this auction #2 are:

1. Isabelle Burt (Rapunzels Attic)
2. Richard (Huntley House Miniatures)
3. Debbie and Lauren Dixon-Paver
4. Angel Dull Sawyer
5. Karim (victorian67)
6. Rosie Emhoolah-Vargas (myminisweets)
7. Leia V. Miniatures
8. Susan Wener
9. Janine (Miss Amelia)
10. Courtney Strong
11. Daisy Regina Ferraz Capri
12. Joolz Kendall
13. Kim Marshall Saulter
14. Lori Turner-Dolinsek
15. Tara Lee Hauki
16. Bev Gelfand
17. Marcella Minicaretti
18. Stephanie Kilgast
10. Teresa Summers
20. Cristina Minischetti
21. Mariella Vitale (Muffa Miniatures)
22. Tracy Topps
23. Linda Cummings
24. Betsy Niederer
25. Loredana Tonetti
26. Amber Matthies
27. Bonni Backe
28. Era Anderson Pearce
29. Dee Acquisto
30. Ernesto Baldini (Punto Sur Miniaturas)
31. Joanne McLeay
32. Elaine Goodwin Usimaki
33. Cindy Adams
34. Kerri Conner Pajutee
35. Pat Carlson
36. Aaron Matthies
37. Orsolya Skulteti (carryover item from Auction #1)
38. Christine Wex (carryover item from Auction #1)
39. Melissa Boling
40. Deb Laraway Mackie
41. Terre Fernandez
42. Sandra Keller Palesch
43. Anna Magnusson

There will be a third auction in January, so if you can but haven't yet, please donate an item or two or three or... whether handmade or not (even supplies!). Every little mini will help

And, please bid.  Every bid will also help.

Thank you so very much!!!