FAQs About
Miniature Dollhouses and Model Horses

What is a Miniature?

A copy that reproduces a person or thing in greatly reduced size; A work of art made on a greatly reduced scale. 

What is a dollhouse?

A dollhouse is toy home, made in miniature. For the last century, dollhouses have primarily been the domain of children but their collection and crafting is also a hobby for many adults.

Today's dollhouses traces their history back about four hundred years to the baby house display cases of Europe, which showed idealized interiors. Smaller doll houses with more realistic exteriors appeared in Europe in the 1700s. Early dollhouses were all handmade, but following the Industrial Revolution and World War II, they were increasingly mass produced and became more affordable.

Contemporary children's dollhouses are commonly in 1:18 (or 2/3") scale, while 1:12 (or 1") scale (and smaller) is common for dollhouses made for adult collectors.

What are the most popular collectible dollhouse scales?

*1/12: 1" = 1' (Adults: 5" - 6")

*1/16: 3/4" = 1' (1/16 is correct; not 1/18) (Adults: 3 ¾” -
4 ½”)

*1/24: 1/2" = 1' (Adults: 2 ½” - 3”)

*1/48: 1/4" = 1' (Adults: 1 ¼” - 1 ½”)

*1/144: 1/144" = 1" (micromini) (i.e., 1" = 12 feet) (Adults: 5/12” - ½”)

(Metric conversion one inch = 24mm)

What is a model horse?

Model horses or toy horses are scale replicas of real horses and are highly collectible.  Most model horses are in the 1:9 scale (such as Breyer Traditionals and Stone Horses) while others are no bigger than mice, such as Breyer Stablemates and Stone Chips.  

What are the model horse scales?

*Traditional Series: Approximately 12"L x 9"H - Scaled to  1/9th scale

*Classics Series: Approximately 9"L x 6"H - Scaled to 1/12th scale

*Paddock Pals: Approximately 6"L x 5"H - Scaled to 1/24th scale

*Stablemates Series: Approximately 4"L x 3"H -  Scaled to 1/32nd scale

*Mini Whinnies: Approximately 1.5"L x 1.5"H -  Scaled to 1/64th scale

What is OOAK?

An OOAK is "One Of A Kind, an item which will not be duplicated or one which will never have an exact copy and/or mold made of it.